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Patrick Motorsports is a full service workshop dealing with all main groups.

+ Pre Purchase Inspections & Evaluation
+ Oil & Filter Renew, Routine Maintenance
+ Engine Blueprinting and Balancing
+ Transmission Blueprinting
+ Clutch Service or Replacement
+ Wheels & Brakes System
+ Body Interior & Exterior Paint
+ HVAC Service and Upgrades
+ Performance Systems
+ Dyno Testing & Tuning

Proper service starts with a comprehensive initial inspection. Our team of experienced technicians have your best interest and safety in mind.

Engine and Transmission services or rebuilds are performed with the highest standards in precision and quality. In addition quality paint, body work, racecar preparation, machining, manufacturing, and detailing available to our customers. We have Certified Technicians plus state of the art equipment and facilities.

Please contact us today for PARTS, SERVICE, or for complete ENGINE or TRANSMISSION packages.
We are your one stop shop for all your Porsche service and repairs. From our in house rebuilding service, needed repairs, to our machine shop services, or our short bell housing G-50 conversions. It makes us the only call you need to make. Call PATRICK MOTORSPORTS AT 602-244-0911 or email We are conveniently located near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Scottsdale and Tempe.



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Patrick Motorsports complete body shop facility speaks for itself with individual shops for each phase including Paint and undercoating striping, via acid dip or a plastic media blasting (which is environmentally friendly). From sheet Metal, Aluminum, and Fiberglass fabrication, Rotisserie chassis service, Metal Forming services, Body Conversion service and Body restyling.
Patrick Motorsports metal and fabrication shop uses metal break, metal shear, English wheel, bead roller, tube bender, tube notcher, MIG and TIG welder.
Patrick Motorsports Paint & Body Shop uses a semi-downdraft paint booth, complete Dupont mixing system to ensure corrosion resistant undercoats as well as make any color in the spectrum to include custom graphics and custom lettering. We use HVLP paint guns to assure proper paint application for durability and a long lasting custom or factory finish.
Patrick Motorsports Detailing Shop uses the best detailing products, Maguire’s, 3M to name a few. We offer complete detailing services from steam cleaning the undercarriage, removing overspray, oxidation, tree sap to a complete color sand and buff to restore the original shine! Patrick Motorsports serves the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona areas as well as Worldwide.



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Engine blueprinting and build services are available for in-house projects as well as engines freighted in. We employ several full time dedicated specialist service and engine builders. Cleaning, detailing and inspection are the critical first steps in determining what the engine will need. From there we can plan the build and select a variety of options. Options given are often custom tailored to your specific needs and we are extremely selective with the parts we use. Our labor cost is determined by actual labor time. This often works in the customer’s advantage. The typical basic rebuild is approximately 40 hours of time. Our tooling equipment and assembly experience makes us a valuable option for rebuilding and race preparation services. If you are thinking of having your engine rebuilt, please contact us, you will be pleased with the outcome.
Patrick Motorsports serves the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona areas as well as Worlwide.



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Patrick Motorsports has over 20 years of transaxle rebuilding experience, and knowledgeable technicians with over 30 years in transmission/transaxle service and repair. We specialize in removal, rebuilding, installation, service, repair and specialty parts.
Patrick Motorsports has one of the world’s largest selections of Porsche transaxles “IN STOCK”. Our inventory includes a large variety of 901, 915, 930, all G50 rebuilt transmissions, hard to find gear sets, sliders, OEM \ RS \ RSR ring and pinion final drive sets, bearings, mounts, housing cases, WEVO tail cases, and all other hardware necessary.

Patrick Motorsports offers complete services from a transaxle fluid change to a comprehensive complete transaxle rebuild. Patrick Motorsports uses only the finest parts and components when rebuilding your gearbox.
We offer worldwide shipping and and locally serve the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona areas.

Patrick Motorsports has been actively involved in race car preparation for several years. We have been actively racing, researching and developing racing transaxles. We have developed several Exclusive Parts for racing. We also prototype several upgraded parts on our own cars for street use. We test several gear sets, linkage, clutch and flywheel packages, and transmission oil coolers. We make several modifications as well as transaxle conversions for several Porsche and mid engine vehicles. Please contact us for your application.

PORSCHE Gearbox Designations:

519 | 356 based 4 speed – Porsche’s first designed box introduced in MY: 1952
716 | 356 based 4 speed - MY: - MY: (58-59)
741 | 356 based 4 speed - MY: (59-65)
901 | 911 based 4 and 5 speeds - MY: (65-71), also a type in 914 - MY: (70-76)
915 | 911 based 4 and 5 speeds - MY: (72-86)
925 | Sportomatic - MY: (Semi-automatic Transmission)
930 | 911 turbo/915 based 4 speed - MY: (75-88)
G50 | 911/930 based 5 speed - MY: (87-89)
G64 | 964 based 5 speed - MY: (89-94)
G93 | 993 based 6 speed - MY: (95-99)
G86 | 986/Boxster gearbox - MY: (97-04)
G96 | 996 gearboxes - MY: (98-05)
G87 | 987/Boxster gearbox - MY: (05->)
G97 | 997 gearboxes - MY: (05->)



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We have Industry leading CWT computer balancing equipment. With this we are able to balance you engines and flywheel, pressure plate systems to reduce vibration and increase horse-power and parts life. If you are wondering why balance these components let me give you some information that will get your attention. When GM, Ford and Chrysler produce a typical vehicle they would generally accept a balancing specification of 2.0 ounce-inch tolerance, so what does that mean? The 2.0 ounce-inch tolerance means on a typical crankshaft that has a diameter of 6.0 inches will have 18.95 grams of unbalanced weight residually embedded in the outside edge of the counter weights. When the engine is running at 1000 rpm’s (just above idle), the embedded weight will cause the rotating crank assembly to generate a centrifugal unbalance force of 3.56 pounds. As we increase the RPM’S to 2000 the unbalance force increases to 14.25 pounds, at 4000 RPM it is now 56.5 pounds and at 8000 RPM’S will generate 228 pounds of force. Simply put if the combustion activity of the engine is the source of power then unbalance forces are the dampening or restricting forces that will waste the engines potential output. Elimination of vibrations and possible deformation as a result of the pounding activity is a welcomed benefit. Professional engine builders understand that the unbalance forces change how engine parts interact with each other

Patrick Motorsports serves the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona areas as well as Worldwide.



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We have a state of the art chassis dyno for expert race preparation. We don’t mean run-of-the-mill performance; we’re talking about making your engine’s entire Horsepower curve stronger. Too often during dynamometer testing there is a tendency to focus on flash power peaks. Customers and novice dyno operators do this all the time... mostly because the numbers are higher! You want sustainable power. However, vehicles must accelerate using their entire RPM band.... and even drag engines must produce strong power for more than just a single 1/10 second line on a data points listing! The DE series Air Gap Eddy Current Dynamometers are Designed for testing engines to 966 hp (720 kW). These are low inertia, water-cooled Eddy Current Dynamometers designed to provide our customers with a precise, robust and repeatable alternative to water-brake technology. An Eddy Current Dynamometer produces braking torque using the principle of eddy currents induced on a rotating metallic disk, immersed in a magnetic field. All of our Eddy Current Dynamometers include a strain gauge load cell to provide torque measurement capabilities for precise test and development applications. A variable reluctance (Magnetic Pickup) sensor and 60 tooth gear are provided for sensing speed (rpm). These units are built to last. The rugged design of the power absorbing system ensures a long operating life, even in the most demanding applications and environments. The long life and ruggedness of the product is further enhanced by the nickel plating of critical components in contact with the cooling water. Patrick Motorsports is your Porsche Dyno Service HQ in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area!



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We do complete race preparations and provide track support when needed, with chassis setup and weight balancing of your suspension to have your car handling the best possible. Trying to guess on your setups is hit and miss, costs you extra time, money and slower lap times. Have our race shop setup your car properly the first time and enjoy your racing. We use only the finest, race proven suspension components on your car. From DELRIN bushings (A Patrick Motorsport exclusive)- to EIBACH coil over spring packages and Koni and Bilstein shocks. Our race shop can use its many years of race winning experience to set your race or street car up to handle and perform to its maximum. We have built and currently race cars in many series such as HSR

Patrick Motorsports serves the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona areas as well as Worlwide.