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With over 25 years of dedicated PORSCHE experience, trust in our expertise to get the job done right. To schedule an appointment call 602-244-0911
Paint and Body

Paint and Body

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At PATRICK MOTORSPORTS we share your desire of having an amazing car from the outside in. This is why we have a dedicated Paint and body department. With over 25 years of Porsche Paint and body experience, let our expertise aid your next project. Regardless of the extent of repair, restoration or simply just a new paint job, PATRICK MOTORSPORTS is here for you, one weld, spray, finish at a time you can rest easy that you're in good hands. This isn't just what we do, it’s what we love.


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Our service workshop offers a wide range of services including, Pre-Purchase Inspections & Evaluations, Oil & Filter Renew, Routine Maintenance, Clutch Services and Replacements, Wheels & Brakes, HVAC Service & Upgrades and Performance Systems Proper service starts with a comprehensive initial inspection. Our team of experienced technicians have your best interest and safety in mind. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and attention to detail. For any of your PORSCHE needs call 602-244-0911. We are conveniently located near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Scottsdale and Tempe.


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Dynamometer “Dyno” tuning has been used by engine development specialists and race teams to help extract more torque and horsepower from their engines for decades. A dynamometer or dyno for short is a devise that measures the direct engine output, or in this case the drivetrain output performance and efficiency of a vehicle. Patrick Motorsports provides in house comprehensive testing and tuning using their DynoJet 224xLC chassis dynamometer. The science behind this chassis Dyno unit is the combination of an inertia wheel roller (drum) and Eddy Current Load Controller. During a dyno session at Patrick Motorsports, the vehicle is run up through the gears to a 1 to 1 drive ratio (typically 3rd or 4th gear). The technicians have the ability to control the Dyno’s eddy current load absorption cell which acts as an electric brake on the drum. Changing the amount of the load pressure applied to the drum the technicians are able to perform diagnostics tests, and tune the car at any specific load cell. This testing data includes engine RPM, throttle position, torque, horsepower, intake vacuum or boost pressure, intake air temp, coolant temps, ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, egt, and more.


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Here at PATRICK MOTORSPORTS we are known for our award-winning restorations. Our full body shop facility can handle every step of the restoration process. From Paint and undercoating stripping using acid dip and plastic media blasting, to sheet Metal, Aluminum and Fiberglass fabrication, Rotisserie chassis service, Metal Forming services, Body Conversion services and Body restyling.


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Engine blueprinting and build services are available for in-house projects as well as engines freighted in. We employ several full time dedicated specialist service and engine builders. Cleaning, detailing and inspection are the critical first steps in determining what the engine will need. From there we can plan the build and select a variety of options. Options given are often custom tailored to your specific needs and we are extremely selective with the parts we use. Our labor cost is determined by actual labor time. This often works in the customer’s advantage. The typical basic rebuild is approximately 40 hours of time. Our tooling equipment and assembly experience makes us a valuable option for rebuilding and race preparation services. If you are thinking of having your engine rebuilt, please contact us, you will be pleased with the outcome.


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Patrick Motorsports has over 20 years of transaxle rebuilding experience, and knowledgeable technicians with over 30 years in transmission/transaxle service and repair. We specialize in removal, rebuilding, installation, service, repair and specialty parts.


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We have Industry leading CWT computer balancing equipment. With this we are able to balance you engines and flywheel, pressure plate systems to reduce vibration and increase horse-power and parts life. If you are wondering why balance these components let me give you some information that will get your attention. When GM, Ford and Chrysler produce a typical vehicle they would generally accept a balancing specification of 2.0 ounce-inch tolerance, so what does that mean? The 2.0 ounce-inch tolerance means on a typical crankshaft that has a diameter of 6.0 inches will have 18.95 grams of unbalanced weight residually embedded in the outside edge of the counter weights. When the engine is running at 1000 rpm’s (just above idle), the embedded weight will cause the rotating crank assembly to generate a centrifugal unbalance force of 3.56 pounds. As we increase the RPM’S to 2000 the unbalance force increases to 14.25 pounds, at 4000 RPM it is now 56.5 pounds and at 8000 RPM’S will generate 228 pounds of force. Simply put if the combustion activity of the engine is the source of power then unbalance forces are the dampening or restricting forces that will waste the engines potential output. Elimination of vibrations and possible deformation as a result of the pounding activity is a welcomed benefit. Professional engine builders understand that the unbalance forces change how engine parts interact with each other
Interior and Upholstery

Interior and Upholstery

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Your PORSCHE is only as good as its interior. From restoring stock seats and panels, to crafting something new and modern, Patrick Motorsports understands the importance and beauty in auto upholstery. That is why we provide an in house complete interior service that can tend to any Porsche enthusiast’s needs. Want an experienced and dedicated hand in making your new project shine from the inside out, give us a call and we’ll show you what expertise and passion can do for you.

Customer Testimonials

Scott Brown

1969 911E, 1998 Carrera S 3.8 RS

The guys at Patrick Motorsports are the best! Very capable, knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. The quality of their work is top notch. Jim is a Porsche Master......his staff are all professionals as well. They have rare parts and know the air cooled cars very well. They are no slouches with the water cooled cars either. I highly recommend them for all your Porsche needs!


Porsche Enthusiast

They are very professional; quick respond to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent to work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to them. Thanks!

Phill Pierson

Porsche Mechanic

Thank you for taking the time today to put together a great clutch package for my client. I appreciate the Free Balancing!

Greg Coon


As I searched for a local shop I kept coming back to PMS. Even though I live in Southern Calif, I called Eric countless times, he was more then happy to educate me on the correct steps to take that worked withen my budget. PMS completed a 911 suspension swap, back dated my bumpers, did some body work and went through my 914 from front to back to make sure I was leaving there shop with a trouble free car. Now that I have my 914 mechanically and cosmetically updated my next step will be a 2.7 swap which will be completed by PMS.