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Dynamometer “Dyno” tuning has been used by engine development specialists and race teams to help extract more torque and horsepower from their engines for decades. A dynamometer or dyno for short is a devise that measures the direct engine output, or in this case the drivetrain output performance and efficiency of a vehicle. Patrick Motorsports provides in house comprehensive testing and tuning using their DynoJet 224xLC chassis dynamometer. The science behind this chassis Dyno unit is the combination of an inertia wheel roller (drum) and Eddy Current Load Controller. During a dyno session at Patrick Motorsports, the vehicle is run up through the gears to a 1 to 1 drive ratio (typically 3rd or 4th gear). The technicians have the ability to control the Dyno’s eddy current load absorption cell which acts as an electric brake on the drum. Changing the amount of the load pressure applied to the drum the technicians are able to perform diagnostics tests, and tune the car at any specific load cell. This testing data includes engine RPM, throttle position, torque, horsepower, intake vacuum or boost pressure, intake air temp, coolant temps, ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, egt, and more.
The Patrick Motorsports technicians monitor and record this precise data, then use this to determine what adjustments may be made, or the components and modification that are holding back the optimum output. The technicians then have the ability to make individual adjustments to engine components such as fuel mixture like a simple jet change, ignition system timing or dwell, intake and exhaust system mods and in some instances a cylinder head, and camshaft profile change. In some cases incompatible components such as larger diameter exhaust, header length, or carburetor size can have the potential to yield less horsepower, and can be detrimental to the overall engine performance if they don't match properly with the other engine components. Call today to schedule an appointment, (602)-244-0911. Patrick Motorsports is your Porsche Dyno service HQ in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe area!

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1956 356 SpeedsterPMS 911 RSR DYNO TUNINGPMS 917 DYNO TUNINGPMS 986 BSR Spec Racer

1956 356 Speedster


Here we have a 911 RSR type race car prepared for Vintage and club racing.

We built the car with a 3.8L “RSR” spec engine, it has our Twin plug ignition system and 50mm PMO carburetors.

We put in some real dyno time getting this car dialed in, from venture changes, cam shaft timing, emulsion tubes, exhaust tip reducers, we got it running like a top.

This engine makes a very flat torque curve from 3,300 rpm to 7,200 rpm, and we attained our peek Hp power at 7,600 rpm. This is great for a really drivable car that has some racing longevity. I know that I had a great time in the 2 track sessions I was able to drive the car !!!


This was our Motec tuning session of the 917 LMK with 3.8L RS spec engine power plant. We first started with a game plan & outlined our needs. We creating a complete Motec engine & chassis program on paper for our car & application uses. We then wrote the program in V3 (Motec software). Once the car was fitted with the engine and all the ancillary items like fuel, oil, and Motec M600 ecu system we built the wire harness. This is such a crucial element of any car & electronic system in a car. We were then able to download our program, run a quick test sweep of all input & all output functions, check Lambda’s etc..

We fire the engine immediately, and within 5 minutes during our initial cam break in we have checked and set “CRiP”.

The CRank index Position is perhaps the most important timing value in the ECU. The CRiP tells the ECU where the engine is in relation to TDC Cylinder #1. The CRiP is defined as the distance in crankshaft degrees, between the reference tooth when it is aligned with the crankshaft position sensor, and Top Dead Center Compression Number 1.

We were only 5 deg off, Not bad !!! After adjusting a few fuel table adjustments, the car is running smooth and tight just slightly rich overall for break in precautions!

We have now set the 917 on our chassis dyno for fine tuning & data logging. Our DynoJet XLC 224 dyno affords us the ability to use the eddy current absorber to run the car under numerous load levels “Whatever we choose”.

We are able to fine tune the car & set our compensation tables to adapt to the altitudes & temperatures to come.

Look for PATRICK MOTORSPORTS and this 917 LMK at a P.C.A. or Vintage event soon !

PMS 986 BSR Spec Racer

Chassis Dyno Service Projects

914-6 GT Vintage Build | 2.0L / 901

914-6 GT Vintage Build | 2.0L / 901

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914-6 GT Vintage racer, ready for racing HSR, VARA, SVRA with a twin plug 2.0L engine & 901 gearbox.
1978 930 Turbo - Group B RS / RSR Race car

1978 930 Turbo - Group B RS / RSR Race car

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This 1978 Porsche 911 Turbo (930) was originally prepared for street use, but has now been converted for export to Europe for racing use in the United Kingdom in a resurrection of the famed Groupe B FIA class.


Eibach Springs

Eibach Springs

0.01 lbs

Eibach Springs - We inventory a wide variety of Eibach products. Main rate springs and progressive tender springs are available in 2.25 and 2.50 inch I.D. in a wide variety of lengths and rates. We also machine and inventory a wide variety of spring hardware for Porsche Coil Over Systems. Please contact us for packages and set up options.


Customer Testimonials

Phill Pierson

Porsche Mechanic

Thank you for taking the time today to put together a great clutch package for my client. I appreciate the Free Balancing!

Jim Bist

2013 Boxster S

I had a track day coming up at Laguna Seca and wanted to get some upgrades done to my vehicle to prepare it. I had been travelling and waited until the last minute but Robert was able to accommodate me. Got everything I needed done and saved me a trip by being able to run a track alignment on my vehicle to finish it all off. Robert was able to pull everything together in a matter of days. The service was excellent and the facility was top notch, truly amazing, a built from the ground up complete facility build for servicing Porsche. Truly great service. Would not hesitate to recommend and will take my vehicle there again.

Greg Coon


As I searched for a local shop I kept coming back to PMS. Even though I live in Southern Calif, I called Eric countless times, he was more then happy to educate me on the correct steps to take that worked withen my budget. PMS completed a 911 suspension swap, back dated my bumpers, did some body work and went through my 914 from front to back to make sure I was leaving there shop with a trouble free car. Now that I have my 914 mechanically and cosmetically updated my next step will be a 2.7 swap which will be completed by PMS.


Porsche Enthusiast

They are very professional; quick respond to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent to work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to them. Thanks!