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Front Hood Deck Lid Cover - (1965-1973) 911 "Long Hood"

Front Hood Deck Lid Cover - (1965-1973) 911
PART # BOD 911 FGH 73
14.00 LBs

Front Hood Deck Lid Cover - (1965-1973) 911 "Long Hood" - FRB Composite - PATRICK MS USA

+ Includes metric inserts for striker & hinges
+ Please contact us for special shipping arrangements


Project Cars Using Front Hood Deck Lid Cover - (1965-1973) 911 "Long Hood"

1978 911 SC backdate to ST 1967 911 Targa 5001001973 911 RSR | 3.8L Twin Turbo | 6 Speed1973 911 T to RSR Retro Creation 3.6L V-Ram G50 gearbox

Cars That Fit

930 1978-1989 3.3L H6 Turbo
911 1964-1969 2.0L H6 NA
1970-1971 2.2L H6 NA
1972-1973 2.4L H6 NA
1973-1974 3.0L H6 NA
1973-1974 2.7L H6 NA
1974-1977 2.7L H6 NA
1975-1977 3.0L H6 Turbo
1978-1983 3.0L SC
912 1965-1969 2.0L H4 NA

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+ Ideal for PORSCHE 911 RSR front deck lid covers

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This system is specially designed to fill quickly through a larger 3 Inch remote center of hood (front cover) & recessed system. Ideal for vintage and racing cars.


Customer Testimonials

Phill Pierson

Porsche Mechanic

Thank you for taking the time today to put together a great clutch package for my client. I appreciate the Free Balancing!

Greg Coon


As I searched for a local shop I kept coming back to PMS. Even though I live in Southern Calif, I called Eric countless times, he was more then happy to educate me on the correct steps to take that worked withen my budget. PMS completed a 911 suspension swap, back dated my bumpers, did some body work and went through my 914 from front to back to make sure I was leaving there shop with a trouble free car. Now that I have my 914 mechanically and cosmetically updated my next step will be a 2.7 swap which will be completed by PMS.

Jim Bist

2013 Boxster S

I had a track day coming up at Laguna Seca and wanted to get some upgrades done to my vehicle to prepare it. I had been travelling and waited until the last minute but Robert was able to accommodate me. Got everything I needed done and saved me a trip by being able to run a track alignment on my vehicle to finish it all off. Robert was able to pull everything together in a matter of days. The service was excellent and the facility was top notch, truly amazing, a built from the ground up complete facility build for servicing Porsche. Truly great service. Would not hesitate to recommend and will take my vehicle there again.


Porsche Enthusiast

They are very professional; quick respond to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent to work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to them. Thanks!