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3" Spun Aluminum Flange For Bsr Rear Mesh + Exhaust

PART # HAR10350-12
1.00 LBs

Patrick Motorsports Exclusive

3" Spun Aluminum flange for general hardware use - but goes great with our BSR rear mesh kit + dual exhaust!
Sold individually.

Cars That Fit

986 1997-1999 2.5L H6 M96
1997-Present 2.5L-On Boxster Spec Racing
2000-2004 2.7L H6 M96
2000-2004 3.2L H6 M96 S

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Exhaust Muffler Silencer Set w/ Cat Bypass - 986 BSR

Exhaust Muffler Silencer Set w/ Cat Bypass - 986 BSR

Patrick Motorsports Exclusive
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Exhaust Muffler Silencer Set with Cat Bypass - 986 BSR - Boxster Spec Racing - (1997-1999) - PORSCHE 986 Boxster - Includes catalytic converter test pipes with O2 sensor port sockets, rear dual high flow mufflers, mounting system and gaskets. Tip exits through center license plate area on rear bumper cover - Fabricated Stainless Steel - PATRICK MS USA

+ Specially designed for BSR Racing and noise compliance. For Motorsport use only.

This system has been optimized tubing size and lengths for best overall efficiency with real time dyno testing and track racing. Proven performance with PATRICK MS BSR class winning racecars.
Includes mounting hardware and gaskets for proper installation.

Picture shows the exhaust installed with an additional pair of spun aluminum bezels, and rear mesh - which are sold separately.



Customer Testimonials

Greg Coon


As I searched for a local shop I kept coming back to PMS. Even though I live in Southern Calif, I called Eric countless times, he was more then happy to educate me on the correct steps to take that worked withen my budget. PMS completed a 911 suspension swap, back dated my bumpers, did some body work and went through my 914 from front to back to make sure I was leaving there shop with a trouble free car. Now that I have my 914 mechanically and cosmetically updated my next step will be a 2.7 swap which will be completed by PMS.


Porsche Enthusiast

They are very professional; quick respond to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent to work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to them. Thanks!

Scott Brown

1969 911E, 1998 Carrera S 3.8 RS

The guys at Patrick Motorsports are the best! Very capable, knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. The quality of their work is top notch. Jim is a Porsche Master......his staff are all professionals as well. They have rare parts and know the air cooled cars very well. They are no slouches with the water cooled cars either. I highly recommend them for all your Porsche needs!

Jim Bist

2013 Boxster S

I had a track day coming up at Laguna Seca and wanted to get some upgrades done to my vehicle to prepare it. I had been travelling and waited until the last minute but Robert was able to accommodate me. Got everything I needed done and saved me a trip by being able to run a track alignment on my vehicle to finish it all off. Robert was able to pull everything together in a matter of days. The service was excellent and the facility was top notch, truly amazing, a built from the ground up complete facility build for servicing Porsche. Truly great service. Would not hesitate to recommend and will take my vehicle there again.