Roll Bars > Porsche 911

Roll Bars > Porsche 911

If you are in the market for a high quality roll bar for PCA, SCCA, VARA, HSR or other club racing use, we have several production options available for Porsche 911 and 911 turbo models 1969- 1989. We employ experience fabricators and perform high quality production based systems for resale as well as in house full cage and racing car preparation. Roll bar and cage design is an affair we take seriously and the end user should too. For increased strength and integrity, the bars are 100 percent TIG welded with proper weld penetration. Tube bending and notching are precisely controlled and build in fixture design ensures each systems fitment will allow for trouble free installations. The production based single piece weld in roll bars was designed considering that eventually the car may need to be converted to full race specifications. With this in mind, the weld in type roll bar is designed to be easily adapted for expandable full cage use. Weight and rigidity is another important factor. As a result, our standard type roll bars are made with the main hoop .120 wall seamless 1.75 Inch DOM steel tubing with the rear and cross bars the lighter .095 wall seamless 1.50 Inch DOM steel tubing. For certain race class specifications, the thicker type materials are necessary for increased roll protection and FIA specifications. For these applications, we offer the main hoop and rear cross bars in the .120 wall seamless 1.75 Inch DOM steel tubing throughout. It will be important to check with your local racing club rules and specifications before ordering. These units are built in production and are available in inventory stock.
Other Notes:
• Because these roll bars are designed with the harness cross bars behind the seats with proper base plate mounting positions, the standard equipment seat belts do not clearance and will not function.
• Finishing options are available and most commonly powder coating in a variety of colors is available. Approximate cost is $95.00 with a 1 week turnaround time. Please contact us for further details.
• Freight and handling charges are approximately $150.00. Extended area service charges or lift-gate deliveries are often an additional expense.

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 Roll Bar Cage Harness 911 930 Turbo Coupe Chassis Suspension
Roll Bar - 911 / 930 Coupe - 4 Point Weld In Stand Alone with Integral Harness Bar - Designed for all (1969-1989) 911 / 930 Turbo Coupe models (Not for Cabrio / Targa) - TIG Welded Construction with 1.75 x .120 Inch DOM Steel Tubing - PATRICK MS USA - CERTIFIED BATCH PRODUCTION

+ Designed for motorsport use only.
+ Conforms / Exceeds PCA / SCCA / FIA specifications.* Please check local racing regulations for updates before ordering.
+ Freight Domestic: $190-250 Range - Please contact us for current estimates or international shipping rates.
+ Custom finishing with powder coating: $100 Additional - Please contact us for options.
+ Please see our project gallery for installation images.

Roll Bar Cage Harness 911 930 Turbo Coupe Chassis Suspension ▶

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